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Marc Hufnagl, a native Chicagoan, currently lives in Switzerland in the Grison Alps where he lives with his loving partner and their dog Nico. Previously, he lived in Northern California, where he taught literature and wrote music. From his time living near the Pacific and now living in the mountains, Marc’s music has always embraced both the beauty and the power of Nature. Nature provides the clear lens to his life’s journey, and his songs are always these clear reflections of this journey. Listeners experience an immediate intimacy and honesty in his music, and in so doing, they feel closer to him and to their own shared experiences. Many have surmised that Hufnagl’s music is more poetry set to music: imagery, metaphors, symbols, word-colors, cadences, yet his poetry narrates everyone’s story in a most profoundly beautiful way. Heavily influenced by the Laurel Canyon sound of the Seventies, his music explores a sensuous sonic landscape with guitar, piano, partner instrumentalists and voices. The Words. The Music. Marc Hufnagl/ Words and Music


The Language of Snow

New Release June 2019

The new album can be purchased or downloaded at Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, CD Baby and other downloading and streaming venues.

The Language of Snow

Written after my first intense alpine snowfall.


Diamond-faceted spider web

Fragile fated flakes

Soundless blankets of eider down

December’s estate.


The wind howls cadent symphonies

Alabaster chimney smoke trails

Sky-ascending deft calligraphies

Sad snowy sonnets prevail


Teach me the silent language of snow.

The icy vernacular that carpets below.

Each tiny crystal shard mirrors the soul.

Release me. Teach me

The language of snow.


Iambic pure powder and icicles

Crystalline prisms in frost

Bridal lacy canyons take the veil

Snow-blind lovers and the lost


But I still felt more found

Christened by those sanctifying drifts

Reborn to an alpine truth and mystery

Bound to a voiceless revery.




Last Day In Berlin

for Maja Maranow

Gradient grey Berliner day.

A river of rain runs down Prenzlauer Allee.

I’m taking a slow train home, home on the M-2 tram

With thoughts like these, this train runs on

Tracks of my tears, trembling with fear

All alone.


Speaking in strange tongues of frailty.

Taking each step as a child.

No warm words from the States

They’ve written you off as wild

But words are cheap and fat with guile.

Maybe it’s better to let them forget

You exist.


Mortar and bricks that speak and play tricks with your head.

Post war, cold war, who’s keeping score with the rest?

People you know play border control with your heart.

Nothing inside can keep you from falling apart.

You try Fassbinder films, red wine and pills to numb the wound.

But I’m going back home to the mountains

This afternoon.


Six strings and rosewood: my witnesses.

Shadows of ink smeared with the truth.

Birthing this song in this place…hard labor pains closes all.

Tomorrow I leave, depart Berlin.

Its map on my face proves hard to erase.

Farewell Berlin.

Praise for "Snow"

 "The poetry coils up and outwards with marvellous warmth of chords and Marc's voice as soul shines through. A love letter to Joni and yet so uniquely him." - Nell Smyth


Marc's first album "Lunden," named after the alpine hamlet where he lives in Switzerland, can be purchased or downloaded at Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, CD Baby and other music downloading and streaming venues.


for Vreni


Ten coral roses stood—like somber sentries in a circle.

Four alpine roses rested there

An elfin tin lantern’s flame flickered near.


An apple tree, just an infant really,

Rooted deep in the misty Lunden dirt

On this verdurous slope.

An elegant wonder bearing fruit…of memory.


A mother and daughter sang a song in Swiss.

And Franca recited reflective verse

On life, on death, in English.

There was white ash

There were nieces and uncles under the clouds

And Stini and Peter walked up from down the road.


A child’s laughter echoed in the valley

Your final words a tearful lullaby

Just before the sleep.

Rest here under the mountain peaks…dear Vreni.


But all these sensory remembrances pale

When I recall your clay-encrusted boots

Wedged into the muddy hill

As you lowered her urn with careful shovelfuls.


Today, I watched you bury your mother

Today, I fell in love with you all over again.

Today. Today. Today…tomorrow.

The Crows in Bern


The crows in Bern, black-dot the trees.

Oily black feathers, flutter in the breeze.

They roost on high, silent pirates in tow,

Hovering in the sky to snatch up

The treasure down below.


Dark caws, sharp claws.

Dark flaws, dropped jaws.

We, too, are like these crows.

Waiting, watching, wanting

What we know we can not have.


They cling like soot on snow-laced bark,

Waiting calmly for one false move before they make their mark.

Raven or frost, cold shakes of fear.

I knew their very thought as I flicked away my tear.


Either hunt or prey, adrenaline runs free.

The crows in Bern that day

Took the fight right out of me.


(Bern, Switzerland, along the Aare.)

Amazon Review of "Lunden"

"Evocative poetry set to simple melodies with elegantly dissonant and complex harmonies! The poetic rhythm and internal rhythms give a sophistication to the music, when often such sophisticated poetry defies musical setting. The songs feel deeply personal in a universal way. "The Crows in Bern" is an intense setting with the crackling consonants creating its own rhythm within the song. "Cruel Wind" reminds me of Paul Simon yet with biting chords that go beyond Simon's harmonic language. My favorite, because it evokes tears with its direct simplicity, is the tender "In the Garden." I love this album and have purchased it for many of my friends."-  Sirona Branson


12   November 2019     Casual in-store performances  Offenes Atelier/ Dorfstrasse 41/ Schiers, Switzerland     18:00 -20:00  

13 June 2020     Burg Castels Festival/ Special Music and Dance, Putz Switzerland      Doors open:  18:00     Concert:  19:00      

 2-23   October  2021      The Uncool Festival    Poschiavo, Switzerland.    Artist Residency

Uncool Festival     


More future performances to be announced.

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